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On-Campus Jobs
Job Title Hours per week Employer Category
Communications and outreach assistant for Center for Green Chemistry and Green Engineering 1.000 Forestry & Environmental Studies, School of Computer Graphic/Web Design
Branford College Head of College's Aide 2.000 Yale College: Branford College HOC's Office Office / Administrative
Electrical Engineering Lab Monitor 3.000 SEAS: Electrical Engineering Laboratory Sciences
Webmaster/Facebook Content Creator 3.000 Yale College: Benjamin Franklin College HOC's Ofice Computer Graphic/Web Design
Event Aide 3.000 Yale College: Benjamin Franklin College HOC's Ofice Program Coordination
YUAG - Numismatics 4.000 Art Gallery, Yale Office / Administrative
Undergraduate O'Neill Playwriting Mentor 4.000 New Haven & State Affairs: Coop High School Partnership Teaching/Tutoring
YUAG - Education Office Assistant 5.000 Art Gallery, Yale Office / Administrative
Videographer 5.000 Yale College: Dean's Office Media and Production Services
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