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Wait! We can't show you all the search results yet... Some community service jobs match your query, but are offered by off-campus community service organizations. Before we can allow you to see the details of an off-campus job, you must agree to the disclaimer below. You will only have to do this once per time you use this site. Read the disclaimer below, and if you agree to the terms, press the "I agree" button. You will then see the full results. Otherwise, click on "new search". Yale University is not responsible for the safety, wages, working conditions or other aspects of the off-campus employment. The University does not screen employers who post job opportunities at the Student Employment Office, and by posting jobs Yale University and the Student Employment Office does not make any representation as to the working conditions that may exist at any place of employment. Use of this system shall be entirely at the risk of the users hereof and the University expressly disclaims any and all liability with respect thereto. It is the responsibility of the student to research the integrity of the organizations to which they are applying. The student is advised to use caution and common sense when applying for any position with an organization, or private party. Do not put yourself in a vulnerable situation. Even the best job opportunity is not worth jeopardizing your personal safety.

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Job Title: International Ambassador - Chinese language needed      Employer: Visitor Center
Wage: $14.00/hr Listed: 05/23/2018
Openings: 13 Category: Customer Service
Hours: 3 to 10 hours / week
Job Title: Phone Program Caller      Employer: Development, Office of
Wage: $14.00/hr Listed: 05/14/2018
Openings: 10 Category: Other / Miscellaneous
Hours: 7 to 17 hours / week
Job Title: Student Research Assistant      Employer: Psychiatry
Wage: $12.50/hr Listed: 06/18/2018
Openings: 9 Category: Research
Hours: 15 to 38 hours / week
Job Title: YUAG - Gallery Teacher      Employer: Art Gallery, Yale
Wage: $21.05 Listed: 05/16/2018
Openings: 9 Category: Teaching/Tutoring
Hours: 10 / week
Job Title: My Chart Activation Agent      Employer: Yale Medicine
Wage: $13.50/hr Listed: 06/14/2018
Openings: 6 Category: Computer/Technical (Non-Web)
Hours: 32 to 38 hours / week
Job Title: AA VENICE BIENNAL      Employer: Architecture, School of
Wage: $14.00/hr Listed: 06/14/2018
Openings: 5 Category: Research
Hours: 10 to 19 hours / week
Job Title: StatLab Consultant - All Levels      Employer: Library - Digital Scholarship Services: DSS
Wage: $25.00 Listed: 04/27/2018
Openings: 5 Category: Library
Hours: 10 / week
Job Title: Dining Student Associate      Employer: Dining Services, Yale
Wage: $16.85 Listed: 06/13/2018
Openings: 5 Category: Food Services
Hours: 9 to 19 hours / week
Job Title: Undergraduate Research Assistant      Employer: SEAS: Mechanical Engineering
Wage: $14.50/hr Listed: 05/29/2018
Openings: 3 Category: Research
Hours: 10 to 40 hours / week