Paycheck Information

Where Does My Paycheck Go?

If you are a graduate student your check location is based on your academic program. Please check the location listed below based on your pay schedule:

If you are a student in the… Regardless of where you work, your Paycheck or Direct Deposit Statement will go to… And Your Hours are entered by the… Contact
School of Art
[All weekly & semi-monthly]
Holcomb T Green Building
1156 Chapel Street, Room 120
School of Art Business Office Brian Schmidt x22605
Architecture Department
[All weekly & semi-monthly]
Your mailbox at the Architecture School
1135 Chapel Street.
Business Office, Stipend entered by Payroll Rose Suggs x22892
Divinity School
[All weekly & semi-monthly]
Your Divinity School Mailbox
409 Prospect Street
SEO E-Timesheest.  See Divinity School Business Office with questions.

Timothy Goselin x22654
Ann-Marie Piscitelli x25313
Sandy Lynch x28602

School of Drama Drama School
149 York Street
Drama School Business Office Katherine Burgueno x21519
Epidemiology and Public Health (EPH)
[All weekly & semi-monthly]
Checks are in Business Office
47 College Street, Room 108
Deposit Slip in Mailboxes
SEO E-Timesheets Mary Keefe x56260
Forestry and Environmental Studies Student Employment Office
246 Church Street
SEO E-Timesheets.  See F&ES H.R. Office with questions. Denise Mrazik x26967
Graduate School
of Arts/Sciences
If not on a stipend
Student Employment Office
246 Church Street
Law School
[All weekly & semi-monthly]
Direct Deposit into Law School Boxes;
Checks to Rm 285 Business Office
Ruttenberg Hall, 133 Wall Street
SEO E-Timeheets.  See Law School H.R. Office with questions. Kathy Slater x24826
Elysa Bryant x68407
School of Management (SOM) The Mailroom: Inquire at Window.
165 Whitney Ave.
SEO E-Timesheets. See SOM Business Office with questions. Elizabeth Oliver x26004
Mary Jarvie x62862
Sherry Skeffington x25776, x25940
Medical School 37 College Street Various Departments YSM Financial Operations, x52400
School of Music The Student Employment Office
246 Church Street
SEO E-Timesheets.  See Music School Business Office with questions.
(98 Wall Street)

Patricia Pappacods x29244
Elizabeth Wilford  x24162

School of Nursing Student Employment
246 Church Street
Nursing Business Office Dylesha Blackmon x52336
Nona D’Onofrio x52398

If you are an undergraduate, or graduate student without a stipend, and fit none of the above, your check/DD statement goes to:

Office Contact
Student Employment
246 Church Street
Front Desk x20167