The Office of the Provost supports the student employment program by providing funds to cover 50% of eligible student wages. The total amount of funding provided to a particular school or department, or for a particular student, may be limited. In order to be eligible for 50% central funding, student wages must meet the following criteria:

  • The student must be an undergraduate student that qualifies for need based financial aid.
  • The student must be enrolled full-time.
  • Wages must be paid as Time Entry Wage (hourly wages). 
  • The student must be paid on the weekly payroll.
  • Hourly wage cannot exceed $15.00 per hour.
  • The wages must be earned and paid during the academic year including term recesses.
  • Wages charged to a sponsored award (grant) are not eligible.
  • Wages charged to Agency Accounts or Community Service accounts are not eligible.
  • Wages charged for work of a religious nature are not eligible.
  • Wages charged to Associated Student Agencies are not eligible.
  • Students should not work more than 19 hours per week, except during term recesses.


The student wages are charged initially to the departmental charging instructions PTAEO (Expenditure type 725300). When the payroll is processed, the departmental PTAEO will only show 50%, and the central PTAEO will show the remaining 50%. This central PTAEO includes Project 0024549, Expenditure type 725500, and an Organization in the same division of the departmental expenditure Organization. At month end, a 50% credit will be charged to Project 0024549, Expenditure type 725600, and the divisional Organization. Here is an example of how these transactions will appear on the monthly financial statements for a student who is paid $100 and charged to Project xxxxxxx:

  • Project xxxxxxx, Expenditure type 725300 Student Wages—Dept $50
  • Project 0024549, Task 00, Expenditure type 725500 Student Wages—Central $50
  • Project 0024549, Task 00, Expenditure type 725600 Student Wages—Central Credit—$50

The net charge to the department is $50 to the original project (xxxxxxx).

Community Service Credit

The University allocates a portion of its Federal Work-Study Grant to support 75% of eligible wages of students working in approved community service organizations (or 100% of eligible wages of students working in the America Reads and America Counts Programs). Student wages must be eligible for the funding according to the guidelines of the Federal Work-Study Program and the programs must be approved annually through the Student Employment Office. Funds are limited and all applicants may not be approved.


For questions on accounting and representation of the subsidy on financial statements, please contact heather.abati@yale.edu.

For questions on enrollment status of students, please contact student.employment@yale.edu for the Student Employment Office.