The 50/50 Provost Split Program


The Office of the Provost supports the student employment program by providing funds to cover 50% of eligible student wages. The total amount of funding provided to a particular school or department, or for a particular student, may be limited. In order to be eligible for 50% central funding, student wages must meet the following criteria:

  • The student must be an undergraduate student that qualifies for need based financial aid.
  • The student must be enrolled full-time.
  • Wages must be paid as Time Entry Wage (hourly wages). 
  • The student must be paid on the weekly payroll.
  • Hourly wage cannot exceed the Level 3 wage rate per hour.
  • The wages must be earned and paid during the academic year including term recesses.
  • Wages charged to a sponsored award (grant) are not eligible.
  • Wages charged to Agency Accounts or Community Service accounts are not eligible.
  • Wages charged for work of a religious nature are not eligible.
  • Wages charged to Associated Student Agencies are not eligible.
  • Students should not work more than 19 hours per week, except during term recesses.

How are the wages split?

The student wages are charged 50% to the department and 50% to the Provost's Office during the payroll costing process.

How can I confirm that a student is eligible?

There are a couple of ways to identify if a student is eligible for the 50/50 Program:

  • From the Supervisor or Business Office Control Panel, select "Student Status Checker" and enter the student's Net Id. 
  • A "Y" indicator will appear in the Provost Split column during the application and hiring process.