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Finding jobs

How do I find a job?

You may go to the Student Employment website,, and use the search engines to find both on and off-campus jobs. You may also sign up for “Jobmail,” whereby you will receive a notification each time a new job matching your criteria is posted. You may fill out an on-line application for all on-campus jobs.

What types of off-campus jobs are listed with Student Employment?

We do not list positions for off-campus jobs.  The Student Employment website is for Yale departments paying students via Yale's payroll system.

Is there ever a shortage of positions on campus?

The majority of positions are positions are posted at the beginning of the fall semester and the supply decreases as the semester progresses. However, demand has never been exceeded by supply and there have been more jobs than students throughout the year. The number of open positions at the university is listed on the student job search page.

How does summer employment work?

Because most students depart for the summer, departments often hire separately to staff offices during the summer. Employers begin posting jobs in late April or early May for the summer term. There is also a specific job search for Summer Jobs. Continuing students remain student employees during the summer under the normal guidelines of student employment. Students may work up to 40 hours per week during the summer.

Can I work at Yale after I graduate?

If you are continuing in the same position from the Spring into the summer term, you may remain a student employee for the summer term right after you graduate unless you are also planning to continue employment into the fall. If you are continuing into the fall or beginning a new position during the summer, your department should hire you as a Temporary Employee.  The department can work with their Human Resources Generalist for more information.

Can I still work at Yale while on a Leave of Absence or Withdrawal?

You can work as a student employee while on an approved leave of absence.  You cannot work as a student employee if you are withdrawn. You can, however, be hired as a Temporary employee by a department. The department should work with their Human Resource Generalist.

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