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International Students

Can international students work?

Yes. International students with an F-1 visa may only hold jobs on-campus, according to federal law. They may not hold any job off-campus. Students on a J-1 visa must receive special permission to work on-campus. Any questions on this should be referred to the Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS).

What documents do international students need to work?

International students will need to completed state and federal tax forms (W-4s) and the federal Employment Eligibility Form (I-9). The state and federal W-4 tax forms require completion in a specific manner for non-resident aliens. Students should consult the International Tax Office or the Student Employment Office for details. The I-9 form requires that students display original forms of identification, including the I-94, the I-20 and a passport. In addition, the student should visit the International Tax Office to complete documentation for Tax Treaty benefits. Appointments can be made on-line at

What are tax treaty benefits?

A tax treaty is an agreement between two governments under which each country agrees to reduce or exempt an individual from federal income tax withholding on his scholarship /fellowship grants and/or compensation payments. A tax treaty is an attempt to avoid double taxation of income. Not all countries have tax treaties with the US, but students should visit the International Tax Office for appropriate consultation.

Do I need a Social Security Card to work?

You do need a Social Security card, but you may begin work without one.  However, in order to accurately file taxes, a social security card must be obtained.

How do I obtain a Social Security Card?

The Federal Government now requires that a student have proof of employment before they may obtain their card. A student must have a current, active hire with Student Employment and have completed the federal I-9 form before a letter of employment can be provided.  Additional information can be found on the OISS website.

How do I update my Social Security number with Payroll?

Students can update theirs SSN by either

  1. Providing their original Social Security card to their Registrar’s office, or
  2. via Update SSN secure link.

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