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Payment Methods

How do I get paid?


Students are paid based on hours entered into an online time entry system.  Each department typically has a designated business officer who is responsible for entering student timesheets into the time entry system. All timesheets must be approved before 5 PM on Monday to receive a check on Thursday of the same week.  The deadline to submit student timesheets is 8 AM on Monday.


When do I get my first paycheck?


In order to be paid, your department must have sent in an on-line hiring notification to Student Employment and your timesheet hours must have been entered. If your timesheet is approved by your supervisor by Monday at 5 pm, you will receive your paycheck Thursday of the same week (for undergraduates and non-stipend graduate students).


How often and on what day do I get paid?


Undergraduates and non-stipend graduate students are paid on a weekly basis with new checks arriving every Thursday. Graduate and professional students who receive stipends are paid on a semimonthly basis. See the Payroll Calendar for specific dates.


Where do I pick up my checks?


All undergraduates should pick up their checks at the Student Employment Office located on the Lower Level, Room B05, of 246 Church Street.  Students working with Dining Services pick up their checks at the business office of their respective dining halls.


All graduate students pick up their pay checks at either the business office of their graduate school or they will be placed in their mail boxes, except for students at the Schools of Forestry and Music who pick them up at the SEO office.


Can I set up direct deposit?


If you anticipate receiving more than one or two paychecks and you have a stable bank account you may set up direct deposit. In order to do this, follow the steps below:


  • Log into the Yale University Portal:
  • Click the 'Home' tab
  • Locate the 'Student Links' box on the righthand side of the page
  • Scroll down and click 'My Pay and Info'
  • Click the 'Direct Deposit' tab

Once you have set up direct deposit online, it will take 1-2 weeks to take effect.  Until then, you will need to pick up your paychecks at your designated location.


Do I receive multiple checks for multiple jobs?


No. Hours from multiple jobs are combined on to the same check each week.


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