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Payment Methods


How do I get paid?


Students are paid based on hours entered into an online time entry system.  Each department typically has a designated business officer who is responsible for entering student timesheets into the time entry system. All timesheets must be approved before 3 PM on Monday to receive a check on Thursday of the same week (for students who are paid weekly) .  The deadline to submit student timesheets is 8 AM on Monday.


When do I get my first paycheck?


In order to be paid, your department must have sent in an on-line hiring notification to Student Employment and your timesheet hours must have been entered. If your timesheet is approved by your supervisor by Monday at 3 pm, you will receive your paycheck Thursday of the same week (for undergraduates and non-stipend graduate and professional students).


How often and on what day do I get paid?


Undergraduates and non-stipend graduate and professional students are paid on a weekly basis every Thursday. Graduate and professional students who receive stipends are paid on a semimonthly basis. See the Payroll Calendar for specific dates.


Where do I pick up my checks?


As of March 2020, all payroll checks are mailed to the mailing address as reported in the student database, SIS.


Can I set up direct deposit?


If you anticipate receiving more than one or two paychecks and you have a US bank account you may set up direct deposit. In order to do this, follow the steps below:


  • Log in to Workday via
  • Select the "Pay" worklet
  • Select the "Payment Elections" action
  • Enter the appropriate information

Once you have set up direct deposit online, it will take 1-2 weeks to take effect.  Until then, a paper check will be mailed.


Do I receive multiple checks for multiple jobs?


No. Hours from multiple jobs are combined on to the same check each week.


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