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Payment Problems


When do I get a raise?


Students get a salary raise each year roughly based on the rate of increase for the student self-help portion of financial aid packages. Student workers may also be hired into a new position requiring more responsibility in their

department, thus receiving a higher salary.


How do I know if direct deposit has started?


You will receive a weekly e-mail informing you that you have been paid.  That e-mail will tell you whether a paycheck was issued or the money was directly deposited into your bank account. It usually takes one to two weeks for your direct deposit request to be processed. You should expect to receive one to two paychecks after you've set up direct deposit online.


How do I change my direct deposit account?


If you close or change your account, you must update this information immediately in Workday


Will my direct deposit still operate if I haven’t worked in

a while?


Yes. Your direct deposit can only be stopped or changed by updating it through Workday


Do I get overtime?


A student employee can only work 19 hours a week during the school year and 40 hours during break periods. State regulations only provide overtime pay rates for individuals whose work week exceeds 40 hours.


What do I do if my check is missing or lost?


First, you should confirm that a check was indeed issued for the hours you worked. Check with Student Employment to confirm that your check was issued but is missing or lost. If the check cannot be located, you should request a stop-payment through the Student Employment Office.


Where can I find my statement of earnings (pay slip)?


You can access your payslip through Workday,

  • Click the "Pay" worklet
  • Click the Payslip that you want to review


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