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Starting Work

How is my pay rate determined?

Pay rates are determined based on the duties to be performed and the nature of the qualifications required. All jobs are classified and wage rates are determined when they are listed with Student Employment. Currently there are three wage levels, each with increasing responsibilities and wage rates. All rates are at or above the state minimum wage.

What paperwork do I have to fill out to start my job?

Students starting their first job at Yale are required to fill out state and federal tax forms (W-4s) and the federal Employment Eligibility Form (I-9). The I-9 form requires that students display original forms of identification, often including a passport or birth certificate or social security card. International students require valid Homeland security documents.  All forms are available via Workday, Yale's Human Resource and Payroll system.  To complete these forms please select the "Employment Forms" link from the Student Control Panel.

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