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What is the difference between a work-study job and other positions? Are there special jobs for work-study students?

Several years ago Yale eliminated the distinction between those positions that required federal work-study and those that did not. Today, campus jobs are available to all students regardless of their work-study status. The only exception to this are the Community Service positions available in certain off campus non-profit organizations for which Federal Wok-study is a prerequisite. These jobs can be found on the student job search page and are labeled "for Federal Work-study students only."

What does my work-study do?

Work-study funds help departments cover the costs of employing students. Work-study funds are used to support the program whereby campus employers receive a 50% wage reduction on your salary as part of the Provost's 50/50 split program, thus allowing them to hire more students. The overall benefit is increasing the number of student positions on campus.

Does my work-study help pay my tuition bill?

No, not directly. Work-study simply goes to help fund your paycheck when you have a campus job, or an approved community service position. The paycheck goes directly to you, and is not directed to your student account. Thus, Federal Work-Study listed in your financial aid package is not a grant going toward your tuition. Instead, it is a work assistance program.

Is Federal Work-study the same as a Term-Time Job?

They are similar, but not exactly the same thing. While both are work awards given as a part of a financial aid package to students (typically undergraduates). However, Federal Work-study indicates that the funds going to support the student's paycheck come from the Federal government, whereas funds for Term-Time jobs are supported by Yale. Here are a couple important pieces of information:

  • Only students who specifically have the Federal Work-study award are eligible for the community service positions
  • International students can be awarded a Term-Time Job, but not Federal Work-study, due to federal regulations on financial aid.

Are students required to get a job if they are awarded Federal Work-study or a Term-Time Job?

Financial Aid offices will often award employment to cover the "student effort" contribution of a student's financial aid package. If this is the case it is recommended that the student obtain a job, but it is not required. Some students choose to forego an academic year job and cover their student effort contribution with alternate sources of incoming, such as a loan or other funds.


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