Federal Work Study

What does my Federal Work Study Award mean on my Dashboard?

The Federal Work Study (FWS) award is part of your financial aid package.  This award allows you to work at one of our Community Service Agencies and allows Yale to recover some of your earnings from the federal government.  There is nothing that either you or your supervisor need to do to access these funds.

What is the difference between a FWS job and other positions?  Are there special jobs for FWS students?

Campus jobs are available to all students regardless of their FWS status unless the job specifically states that a FWS award is required.  Community Service positions are only available to FWS recipients per federal regulations.

Does FWS help pay the tuition bill?

No, not directly.  FWS, as listed in the financial aid package, is not a grant that pays tuition.  Instead, it is a work assistance program and wages are paid to the student via payroll.

Is FWS the same as a Term-Time Job?

They are similar, but different. They are both work awards given as a part of a financial aid package to students however, FWS indicates that a portion of the funds supporting the student's paycheck comes from the federal government, whereas funds for Term-Time jobs are supported by Yale. Here are a couple of important pieces of information:

  • Only students who specifically have the FWS award are eligible for the community service positions.
  • International students can be awarded a Term-Time Job, but not FWS, due to federal regulations on financial aid.

Are students required to get a job if they are awarded FWS or a Term-Time Job?

No, students are not required to work.  Students often work in areas of interest to them or in positions that fit within their academic schedule.  Students can find paid work in areas such as academic departments, research labs, administrative offices, and athletics. Most campus jobs are available to all students regardless of their financial aid status.  However, during the first two weeks of the academic year, hiring preference is given to undergraduates receiving Yale financial aid.