TimesheetX Change: Change a Student's Account (charging COA)

This form is used if changes to a student's electronic time sheet are required. Please note that only authorized supervisors or Business Managers may request changes.

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Student Information

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*You may enter multiple names if the same changes are required.

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Please enter in the same order as the students named above Please use the exact Job Title as shown on your View Hires and Accounts Page.

Change Student Account
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Enter the name of the account.

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(use periods between segments, do not add the fund, ledger account or spend category )
Example: CO01.Grant/Gift/YD.Cost Center.PG.PJ.Assignee (if applicable)

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Please Validate Here: Yale COA Validator

Enter the Date the new account should begin for the student:

PLEASE NOTE: The date must be a Sunday (start of a pay period). If a student has already opened a timesheet for the week, the account change will be applied the following week.

Do you want (late) timesheets for pay periods prior to the date above go to this new account, or the old one?
Is this a hire for essential work that will be performed remotely? *

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