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How do I get my W2 to file my taxes?

In order to access your Federal W-2 online, follow the steps below:

  • Log into the Yale University Portal:
  • Under the 'Student Links' section, click 'My Pay and Info'
  • Click the Tax Info(W2) tab
  • Print your W-2

You must be a current student with an active netID in order to access your W-2 online. If you are no longer a student, contact to have it mailed to you.

Should I file my taxes?

If you owe taxes to the state or federal government, you are required by law to file your taxes. If you have paid taxes over the course of the calendar year and are owed a refund, you can receive that refund by filing your taxes. Taxes are due for filing by April 15th for the previous year’s work. For more information, refer to the Student Employment website for Student employees under “Tax Information.”

What taxes do I have to pay?

Students are exempt from FICA (Social Security & Medicare) taxes during the Academic Year, but are required to pay them during the Summer term if they work. These are deducted automatically from your paycheck. Your federal and state tax liability is less proscriptive and dependent on several factors. When you complete your federal and state withholding forms (W-4's), read the instructions carefully to determine appropriate withholdings.

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